Before your Wax


Hair needs to be about 1cm long before it can be waxed, particularly if it has been previously shaved.  Please leave at least 3 weeks since your last shave and allow at least 4 weeks between wax treatments.   


If your hair is very long, please trim up as best as you can to about 1cm prior to your appointment for Brazilian waxing. 


Gently exfoliate the area to be treated, beginning 2-3 days before your waxing appointment.  This removes any dead skin and lifts the hair which makes it easier to remove, and results in a smoother finish for you. 


If possible, please shower before your treatment, but leave a gap of around 1 hour between showering and your appointment because the skin can be more sensitive following a hot shower. 


After your Wax


I want you to look and feel great after your wax treatment.  It’s normal to experience slight redness or small bumps after waxing but these will usually subside within 24-48 hours.  You can minimise any after-effects by following the advice below.  Cool, Clean and Calm the key words to remember!





  •  Keep the waxed area clean, and avoid heat and friction during the next 48 hours 


  •  Avoid hot baths or showers (use warm water) 


  •  Avoid saunas, hot tubs or steam rooms 


  •  No tanning (in any form including sunbathing, fake tan or sunbeds) for 48 hours 


  •  Avoid sport and exercise, including the gym   





  • Bring loose, clean clothing (and underwear if having Brazilian) to change into following your treatment 


  • Try your best not to touch the waxed areas for a few days – this is one of the quickest ways to get spots! 


  • If you need to touch the waxed area make sure your hands are clean


  • Use clean bed linen and pillowcase on the night of your wax treatment


  • Wear clean, loose-fitting clothing 


  • Take extra care with cleanliness after using the toilet  





  • Avoid any form of friction or heat to the skin 


  • Avoid swimming – chlorine and freshly waxed skin are not a good combination 


  • Don’t use deodorants, body sprays, powders, lotions or other products on the waxed area, other than those recommended by Woburn Waxing Studio 


  • To soothe and protect the skin, apply an antiseptic cream to the waxed area 3 times a day for 2-3 days following treatment. Always wash hands before applying. 


  • Using an antibacterial skin wash or adding a cup of Dead Sea salts to your bathwater will help prevent infection over the next few days, and will also assist with healing should any pimples appear  The following additional precautions should be taken for 24-48 hrs after a Brazilian:


  • Avoid sexual activity Although you may be eager to road test your new wax, don’t forget it may well be aggravated by any activity which causes friction! 



No-one wants ingrown hairs.  Here’s your 3 step problem-solving guide. 


  • Step 1  - 2 days after waxing, gently exfoliate the waxed area using a loofah or exfoliating mitt. Do this 3 times a week and stick at it – it really does make a big difference. 


  • Step 2  - Once you start exfoliating, you’ll also need to moisturise the area every day., try the outback organics bush balm It helps provide a smooth path for the new hair – and it enhances the silky smooth feeling of the waxed skin. 


  • Step 3  - If you’re unlucky enough to get any ingrown hairs after all this pampering, then I have some great products to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. They’re essentially chemical exfoliators and will deal with stubborn ingrown hairs.



'Aloe Clear' is available to buy in salon

Can’t wait for your next appointment? 


If you’re new to waxing, it can take up to 4 treatments for your hair to get into a regular growth cycle to give the best results ensuring you stay smoother for longer.  


When you’re in a routine, some of you will need waxing after about 4 weeks, some of you will be lucky enough to get away with 6 weeks between waxes.  


Everyone is different. Remember to take advantage of the rebooking discount book within 5 weeks receive a £5 discounts.


The key thing is to stick to a regular routine that suits your hair growth pattern and don’t let the hair get any longer than about 1cm between treatments.


For most people, waxing every 4 to 5 weeks will ensure you maintain a super-smooth appearance. 

Please don’t be tempted to shave or perform any other kind of hair removal in between treatments as this will interfere with establishing a consistent growth cycle. 


 It will be worth the wait!



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