Does Intimate Waxing Hurt?

Each person is different as is a persons pain threshold. i'm a big believer in doing things right, to achieve great results, takes great products. I use only the very best industry leading waxes, perron rigot and outback organics waxing products, designed to grip the hair, not the skin.I have worked hard to get the best possible training this has enabled me to have perfected the correct intimate waxing technique, making sure you’re intimate wax is pain-free and a professional experience. All intimate waxing is carried out using perron rigot and outback organics hot wax.

What’s The Difference between a Warm Wax and Hot Intimate Wax?

We use both types of wax, each type is designed for specific areas and hair types. The main difference between warm and hot wax is the method of which it’s applied and removed.
For intimate waxing treatments we use hot wax. The reason we use hot wax for all intimate waxing is by nature hot wax is designed with a much thicker consistency. Hot wax is applied directly onto the skin, fully covering all hairs, allowed it to dry and then removed without the use of waxing strips. Hot wax is far better for those delicate, intimate and sensitive areas, providing a more comfortable waxing experience.
Warm wax (strip wax)is generally used on areas of the body such as legs, arms and backs. I use outback organics true blue warm wax, which is applied to the skin using a spatula followed by a waxing strip before being quickly and efficiently removed in one quick action, removing the hair from the area treated.

Why Perron rigot and outback organics?

This range of waxes! Combining Organic ingredients from Australia’s Coastline and Outback and fusing it with the latest cosmetic ingredients, Outback Organics are able to give you the most efficient and ethical hair removal results to date. We use Tea Tree Warm Wax for our strip wax method - Tea Tree is one of Mother Nature’s strongest antiseptics. This essential oil is traditionally used for many conditions from insect bites to breakouts, which is why we like to use it for our strip wax! This classic crème wax will leave your skin feeling clean and nourished unlike the traditional sticky honey consistency of most other waxes. For our more intimate and sensitive areas we use Outback and Perron Rigot- a revolutionary wax which will give you a first class feel from start to finish! The hot wax cleverly shrink wraps around the hair and dries in less than 30seconds. This means that it doesn’t adhere to the skin, making it a more comfortable experience for you. Don't let the word hot scare you either- this product melts at a lower temperature to standard regular hot waxes with very superior results. I think you will agree with us!

Is male waxing really popular?

Yes it is. I am able to specialise in male grooming due to the extensive training with Andy Roulaid, many of my clients are influenced by, Body-conscious Premiership footballers, smooth athletic divers, body builders, and the ‘manscaping’ references from TV celebrities like James Corden and Jonathan Ross have only served to increase the demand for male waxing.

What is a Boyzillian?

When it comes to intimate waxing there’s no doubt the choice and styles of waxing can be a little confusing! Some salon’s differ from others in terms of the style and whats included in a certain style of intimate waxing treatment.
Let me clarify exactly what each style of waxing is, how it’s conducted and the results you can expect. Boyzillian is the cute reference to male waxing these treatments are gender transferable.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

Very popular Brazilian wax treatment removes all hair from the bikini line area, leaving a small vertical strip of hair on the front, the area round to the bottom area is also waxed.

What is a Hollywood Wax?

My Hollywood wax treatment is my most popular choice, completely removing of all hair from the front round to the bottom area.

What is a Bikini Wax?

The bikini line is nice & natural neatening hair from the sides and top.

What is an Extended Bikini Wax/G-String?

An extended bikini wax removes the hair similar to the regular bikini wax, with the difference of taking the hair line in slightly deeper, leaving a far narrower upside down triangle shape removing hair from the outer labia and anus, ideal for those more revealing holiday outfits!

What to Expect with Your First Intimate Waxing Treatment

I know how daunting any waxing treatment can be that’s especially the case when it comes to intimate waxing! Don’t worry, I will make sure you know exactly what to expect. Typically intimate waxing treatments can take anywhere from 15mins to 60mins, depending on the type and style of intimate wax you choose.
After your treatment, I will advise on aftercare products and also provide you with an informative aftercare card, detailing what you should and shouldn’t do within the first 48hrs after your treatment.
If this is your first intimate waxing treatment, you’ll also be awarded your next treatment at a reduced rate If you book you’re next appointment within 5 weeks, this can be done before leaving the salon. If you have any concerns or questions prior to or following your intimate waxing treatment you can contact me – 07531351033.

Timing between Intimate Waxing Treatments

Everyone is different as are their hair growth patterns, generally is best to time your waxing treatments every 4-6 weeks. This promotes healthy hair growth that enables the hair to grow back finer and thinner as the hair follicle has far less grip on the hair.
It’s not recommended to have waxing treatments sooner than this timeline as the results will be not be as successful due to the hair being too short to grip and provide professional results.

Intimate Waxing During Your Cycle…?

There’s times when timing can be in vain! If you have an intimate waxing appointment and have your menstrual cycle, don’t worry we can still carry out your treatment as long as you’re wearing a tampon.

Why do men really wax?

Most men wax for aesthetic reasons (back/chest waxing), but those having hollywood waxing do so mainly for hygiene reasons and because it makes them feel cooler and more comfortable and its feels great. I wax cyclists and triathletes who will have full leg and Brazilian waxing not only to make their sport more comfortable, but primarily to make roadside treatment of wounds and grazes easier to clean and dress should they have a fall or collision.

How long will a wax treatment take?

This can vary according to the density of the hair and the actual body size (a hairy 6’ 5” body builder will take longer than a female But here’s a rough guide:
Back or chest - 20–30 mins
Full leg wax - 45 – 60 mins
Full Brazilian - 30 – 40 mins

I’m going on holiday, how far in advance should I have my waxing?

I always advise that you leave about 3 days between waxing and going on holiday to give your skin a chance to settle down. Any redness or soreness needs to have subsided before you expose your skin to the sun.

Will I need a patch test before I can have a wax?

You will only need to have a patch test if you have any known allergies or skin sensitivities, or have had an adverse reaction to waxing at some point in the past. If you would like a patch test or are unsure as to your skin sensitivity we would encourage you to have a test 24-48 hours before your treatment. The test takes just 5 minutes and is free of charge.

Are there any conditions which mean I won’t be able to have a wax treatment?

If you have any form of contagious skin condition we are unable to wax the affected area until the condition has cleared up. Sunburnt, chaffed or broken skin cannot be waxed until it is completely healed. Clients who are taking Roaccutane will need to delay having a wax treatment until at least six months after completing their medication. Skin that has been treated with steroid creams, Retin-A, Differin or any other retinoid acne products cannot be waxed for six months after the course of treatment has been completed.

What should I expect the first time?

The first time tends to give rise to a bit more discomfort than subsequent appointments – especially intimate waxing or male chest waxing. Blood spots may occur at the site of the hair removal (this sometimes happens when the hair is very coarse), but it is nothing to worry about. It is also normal for the area to go a little pink, but this generally goes away in a couple of hours. However, with the superior quality of wax that I used and sensible aftercare this should be minimised. I will work as quickly and gently as possible. subsequent visits you will notice and discover that the process becomes easier

Do I have to remove my underwear?

For a standard or high leg wax you can wear your own underwear. For a G-string wax a you may wear your own underwear (the briefer the better for a good result).
For a Brazilian or Hollywood wax there will be no underwear. In the words of Kim Lawless, 'You wouldn't wear a hat to get your hair cut'.

Is my therapist qualified and insured?

Yes! I have completed many training courses with the best educators in the industry. I am qualified in all treatments offered and fully insured by (a widely recognised association within the beauty sector). Intimate waxing is obviously of a very personal nature and a highly specialised treatment, so you don’t want to trust your body to just anyone.

and finally....

take care of yourself.If you are feeling unwell then it is not advisable to attend a waxing session as your body will be more sensitive if you are under the weather.
It is therefore important to listen to your own body and be aware of anything that may inhibit treatment. Click here for Waxing Before & After Advice.


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